Beauty just got brains.
Weather Dial

Combining the original beauty of
Weather Dial with the precise forecast predictability of may have stumbled upon the digital version of what Einstein and George Clooney’s baby would have looked like.

Introducing the new Weather Dial, powered by

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Global Reach

International Coverage

With’s advanced weather
data, we now provide you with accurate international coverage. Areas in green are covered by Dark Sky’s hyperlocal, minute-by-minute prediction system. Areas in red are covered by high-resolution, hourly prediction systems and areas in blue
are covered by a variety of
prediction systems.

Coverage Map
Stay Cool

Stay Cool, Man

We’ve moved our data around, again.
This time, to provide you with the most convenient forecast readability. Check
the hourly forecast with the chance of precipitation table to see if need the umbrella...or your beach towel.

Weather Forecast
Timeless Design

And did we mention, darn good looks

“Good design is timeless.”

Looks inspired by Dieter Rams’
principles of good design, Weather Dial won’t embarrass the $600 phone its installed on.

"Good design is honest."

This means no hidden gestures or confusing controls.

Just install and plan your trip to the beach.

(Let’s just hope you don’t have the same taste in european design when it comes to your bathing suit)

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Timeless Design
Contact Us

We are always looking for ways to improve Weather Dial, whether its through continual design tweaking...or something as drastic as completely swapping out old weather data to improve its accuracy. We are currently on the 6th update of the app and will continue to improve. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or just want to talk about how great Dieter Rams' glasses are, feel free to contact us below.

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